As a team of four, we have had the opportunity to develop our friendship over ten plus years. Moving to Los Angeles straight out of high school, we worked for a non-profit crafting our skills under the Los Angeles Dream Center. After 3 years working in LA, we moved to the Northwest to brand our own production company, DTS Northwest, with an emphasis on weddings. We have been thankful to grow,  and we now are operating in Charleston, as well as the Northwest still.

Along with our friendship, and love for adventure, when we rebranded we felt we had to honor one of our very best friends that passed away. He was one of the most talented people we worked with. His name was Luis “Wease” Solano.  We felt it was appropriate to name the company after such an inspirational man. Wease and Pa is collectively two nicknames. Pa derives from the nickname papa smalls, a nickname Luis dubbed one of his life long friends, and still a current team member of ours. We are Wease and Pa.